Artist Statement:




Don Perry – Metal Art



When my job of 18 years (in a local mill) went by the wayside, I decided to use my skills with a plasma cutter and repurpose one of their discarded byproducts (saw blades) in a new direction – art. 


My work is done with a plasma cutter, electrically heated air.  All of my pieces are hand cut by me.  


The first work was done from saw blades, with a high carbon steel.  When heated the carbon content gives the pieces the beautiful blue colors you see on some of my pieces.  I quickly went on to experiment with other metals including copper, stainless steel, and some titanium.  Some of the art is mounted on either rocks or wood.  Living close to Mt. Hood, I sometimes use lava rock or quartz.  When at the coast I look for unique pieces of driftwood to incorporate into pieces.


The process of my work starts from taking a design and drawing it on a piece of metal, then cutting it out with the plasma cutter.  The piece is then put on the table to be ground. After the piece is ground, if color is desired it is put in a vice to be heated.This part of the process gives each piece of art depth and dimension.  It gives the metal either a harder or softer look.  The piece is then welded and ground again.  

I try to do natural processes and not use chemicals.  The pieces that are a rusty patina are all left at the coast to rust to a natural fine patina that only comes from salt air.  The blues in high carbon steel and the gold in the stainless steel all come from heating the metal with a torch.


My studio's are at my home in Parkdale, Oregon and Surfside Washington..